Reinke Pivots
Sales and Service

Reinke Pivots Sales and Service

We are proud to deal in Reinke pivots. All pivot brands have a similar look and function due to Reinke engineering. Both the V, and single leg designs used by all current pivot manufacturers were originally designed by Reinke.

Reinke introduced Pivots controlled by electricity as well as almost all of the other advancements in pivot technology since the original idea was first built. Reinke continues to put a lot of time and resources into engineering and it shows in the systems they produce.

From using High tensile steel to decrease weight (and wheel ruts) to cell phone monitoring and control, Reinke continually makes improvements to increase yields, save time, and increase value to the farmers that rely on mechanized irrigation. Reinke warranties are by far the best in the industry.

At Kerns Brothers, we service and repair and can supply parts for all brands of pivots.

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